Important: Upgraded RIALTO.AI platform is scheduled to launch in February 2019 at

Please note that will no longer be maintained, read more here.

XRL token holders who are not yet registered on this platform should do so now to access their XRL linked DAP assets by following these steps:

1. Register at RIALTO.AI Platform
2. Login and verify your XRL holding ETH address
3. Send XRL tokens to the platform deposit address
4. Go to “Request Support” and submit your withdrawal request*

* KYC verified users who do not submit a withdrawal request will have their user account and assets automatically transferred to the new platform at launch.

Please note that by completing the KYC verification of your account, you will also register for the free equity participation plan. Withdrawing your DAP assets does not affect your eligibility for the free equity participation plan.

You can find our user registration guide here and read more about our new platform here.